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What happens during a music lesson?

Every instrument, every instructor and every student is different. Instructors may use a variety of approaches depending on the needs of the student, but generally you will review what you were taught last week and learn new techniques to practice in the coming week.

How much do I have to practice?

That is between you and your instructor, but the key is to be consistent. A little every day is better than trying to practice for several hours the night before your lesson.

What books or music do I need to buy?

There are several different good music study courses available. Your instructor will choose the right course of study for you and show you where to purchase them in our on-site music store. 

What if I have to miss a lesson?

ALWAYS call us as soon as you know you are not able to come. It is very inconsiderate to just not show up. You should not expect us to schedule a make-up lesson if you do not show up and do not call at least 24 hours before your lesson time. It is always easier to keep your original lesson time than to try to schedule a makeup lesson. Our instructors have very full schedules with limited openings, so be sure you really need to miss before cancelling a lesson. We do not give refunds or credits for missed lessons. Remember: You are paying for your instructor to set aside a specific time exclusively for you each week, not just for lessons taught. If you miss your appointed time, you risk losing that lesson.

What if the weather is bad and F.A.C.E. is closed?

If F.A.C.E is closed due to snow or icy conditions, we will schedule a makeup day for missed lessons. Call our office, check our Facebook page or check WYFF for weather closings. 

Why are fees the same regardless of the number of lessons?

Our monthly lesson fees are based on an average of at least 48 lessons per year. Some months (like November or December), you may only receive 3 lessons, but some months you will have 5. Instead of charging a different amount each month, we just averaged it out to a flat fee per month for the entire year. (Recitals count as lessons, too, (even if you don’t perform) so be sure to count those if you’re checking my math.) Paying at the first lesson of each month allows us to reserve that lesson time exclusively for you. You will progress faster if you come to your lessons consistently and take lessons year-round (we are open during the Summer, too!).  One reason we are able recruit and keep top-quality instructors is because we are able to provide them with consistent income from month to month. We think they’re worth it!

What if I decide I want to stop taking lessons?

Signing up for private music lessons is a commitment you are making to yourself and your instructor. While we do not require you to sign a contract for a specified time (some studios do), we hope you will give yourself enough time to make an informed decision. If you are unhappy with your instructor or with your lessons for any reason, please speak with Amanda Gunter before ending your lessons. We have more than one instructor for most instruments we teach, so we may be able to move you to another teacher who will better suit your needs. 

We do not give refunds, so if you  decide to stop lessons in the middle of the month you should at least finish all the lessons you have paid for. 

As a courtesy to your instructor, please give us at least 2 weeks’ notice so that we have an opportunity to find another student to fill your time slot. 

The Fine Arts Center of Easley is  committed to providing convenient, affordable, expert instruction in the visual and performing arts to students of all ages.